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Featured Course: eLaser

by Meducination on 5th January 2015

eLaser : Core of Knowledge safety training as recommended by the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) 

eLaser – In recent years, the use of lasers and other high-intensity light sources has expanded dramatically. Today, lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL) and LEDs are widely used in procedures ranging from eyesight correction and tooth whitening to skin treatments such as hair removal. However, in recent weeks, the cosmetic procedures industry has come under close scrutiny as policy makers and clinicians debate the development of industry-wide qualifications to improve patient safety. Some press media have warned that anti-wrinkle treatments are “a crisis waiting to happen” and an independent review, chaired by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, advises that anyone having cosmetic procedures should be better protected than at present.

This means it is vital that all staff engaged in cosmetic/aesthetic treatments receive the best possible training. To meet this need, eIntegrity today announces the launch of eLaser – online Core of Knowledge training in the safe use of lasers and other forms of optical radiation, as recommended by the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). eLaser has been developed in the UK by The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) in partnership with e-Learning for Healthcare, part of Health Education England. eLaser is available through the e-learning system that supports thousands of NHS staff every day.

The ‘Core of Knowledge’ training focuses on how to protect both patients and therapists during laser treatments. eLaser includes eight separate lessons, formal knowledge tests and a certificate of satisfactory completion. eLaser covers all aspects of safe use and includes descriptions of the different light sources, their interaction with human tissue and how to create a safe environment for their use. The 30-40 minute lessons are interactive and contain images, videos and animations to create an engaging learning experience that ensures deeper learning and understanding. The programme structure encourages users to plan and record their learning and to think about their own clinical practice and techniques.

All users completing the eLaser course and passing the assessment are awarded a BAPRAS-endorsed certificate, valid for three years.

Check out the course here.

MeducinationFeatured Course: eLaser

Featured Course: ePain

by Meducination on 5th January 2015

ePain : Multi-disciplinary programme designed to improve the early diagnosis and safe management of acute, chronic and cancer pain

e-PAIN is a multi-disciplinary programme designed to improve the early diagnosis and management of pain. The programme is aimed at all healthcare professionals who do not specialise in pain medicine but regularly encounter patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

The e-PAIN programme has been developed by the UK Faculty of Pain Medicine in partnership with the British Pain Society and e-Learning for Healthcare. Dr Douglas Justins, Clinical Lead for e-PAIN says: ‘This exciting and important project will help improve the recognition, assessment and safe treatment of unrelieved pain resulting in the significant improvement of patient care.’

Check out the course here.

MeducinationFeatured Course: ePain

Featured Course: ICE-BLU

by Meducination on 5th January 2015

ICE-BLU : Comprehensive coverage of the theoretical knowledge behind basic echo and lung ultrasound

The ICE-BLU course teaches the theoretical knowledge behind basic echo and lung ultrasound in the intensive care patient. The sessions are interactive and contain echocardiography videos to demonstrate teaching points. Teaching includes the physics of ultrasound, anatomy and basic views, left and right ventricular function, life-threatening pathologies, basic lung ultrasound and some of the limitations and pitfalls that may be encountered. The intended audience is intensive care and acute medicine doctors, anaesthetists and clinicians interested in assessment of the critically ill patient.

The sessions are mapped to the Focused Intensive Care Echo curriculum but the whole module is suitable for anyone intending to undertake a hands-on training course or as a refresher of the knowledge previously acquired in this area. There is a final MCQ session, which will allow the production of a Continuous Professional Development certificate for those who have completed the eight sessions.

Check out the course here.

MeducinationFeatured Course: ICE-BLU