Nutrition & Weight Management


Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutrition & Weight Management

According to recent research there is a “severe deficiency of nutrition education at all levels of medical training.”

The foundational links between nutrition and weight management needs to be understood by the health profession if we are to be serious about reversing the current worrying trends of overweight and obesity and associated long-term health conditions.

Enrol today on Nutrition & Weight Management Essentials to join the elite group of health professionals who are better equipped to make a significant difference in patients’ lives when it comes to the nutrition support and resources needed to manage their weight.


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Nutrition & Weight Management

This is a Professional Online Short Course

Nutrition & Weight Management Essentials is a 6-hour online short course, made up of concise bite-size multimedia resources, you will:

  • Gain a solid grounding in the most fundamental concepts of nutrition
  • Explore the trends and current state of modern nutrition and their relationship with weight
  • Focus on the key factors contributing to weight gain
  • Learn how effective weight management should look in clinical practice

Treatment methods to achieve weight loss and weight loss maintenance will be explained.

  • Feel confident
  • Be prepared
  • Make the right, evidence-based, decisions

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Suitable for all healthcare professionals :: Interactive and engaging, with videos, case studies and questions :: Written by leading clinical experts in the UK


All Healthcare professionals, including General Practitioners, Hospital Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedics.




60 DAYS ACCESS to complete the course