Leadership for Clinicians


Leadership for Clinicians: e-learning Support for Clinical Staff
Online medical course on Leadership for Clinicians

Online medical course to help clinicians develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil, and support others in leadership roles.

Leadership for Clinicians (LeAD) helps clinicians to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil, and support others in, leadership roles. It is suitable for all clinical staff, regardless of their profession, specialty or stage of training. LeAD covers the knowledge components of the UK National Health Service’s Clinical and Medical Leadership Competency Frameworks and the Medical Leadership Curriculum. However, the themes are relevant to all kinds of healthcare organisations.

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Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, National Medical Director of the UK National Health Service, commended the project and stated that ‘a true leader can inspire the next generation to be good doctors’.

LeAD is a comprehensive knowledge base to help all healthcare professionals contribute to the effective running of their organisation and its future direction. Written by clinicians for clinicians, learners can be confident they are using quality material wherever they are.

Penny Lewis, Clinical Lead for LeAD


Leadership for Clinicians – Helping Clinicians to develop Essential Leadership Skills

Leadership for Clinicians (LeAD), which can be accessed via the Internet, features more than 60 e-learning sessions on a wide range of topics such as personal development, working with colleagues, managing services and improving care. The learning content is packed with real-life case studies, animations and video clips to help reinforce learning. Users reflect on how the learning can be applied to their area of practice through a variety of exercises.

Course Content

Provides a broad understanding of leadership, how LeAD is arranged and the Clinical Leadership Framework

Demonstrating Personal Qualities
Focuses on self-awareness, managing yourself, continuing personal development, and acting with integrity

Working with Others
Looks at developing networks, building and maintaining relationships, encouraging contributions and working within teams

Managing Services
Covers planning, managing resources, managing people and managing performance

Improving Services
Focuses on ensuring patient safety, critical evaluation, encouraging improvement and innovation, and facilitating transformation

Setting Direction
Looks at identifying contexts for change, applying knowledge and evidence, making decisions, and evaluating impact

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Key Features

Supports clinicians to develop the knowledge and skills required in leadership roles – Suitable for clinicians from all professions and specialties – Makes extensive use of case studies, images, videos and animations


Medical students, doctors, nurses, assistants and other healthcare professionals




12 months full access to complete the course