Eye-Site: e-Learning for Ophthalmologists
Online medical course in Ophthalmology

Online medical course in ophthalmology covering topics such as clinical assessment, refraction, laser surgery and microsurgery.

Eye-Site online medical course is mapped to key elements of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists‘ training curriculum, covering topics such as clinical assessment, refraction, laser surgery and microsurgery. There are a number of interactive features, including images, video clips and animations. Eye-Site provides a high-quality e-learning resource for trainee ophthalmologists and qualified staff alike.

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The learning materials also feature Ophthalmopaedia, the world’s first online encyclopaedia of ophthalmology. This resource is packed with articles on a wide variety of general ophthalmology and sub-specialty topics.


Ophthalmology – Interactive e-Learning for Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmology (Eye-Site) is designed to support traditional teaching methods, such as face-to-face learning and one-to-one tutorials. It can be used for general learning, exam preparation or pre-course learning material. The content has been developed by leading clinical experts, in partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Course Content

The learning content currently includes the following modules:

  • Clinical Assessment in Ophthalmology
  • Refraction (testing for spectacles and other visual aids)
  • Lasers (including safety aspects)
  • Ophthalmic Public Health
  • Ophthalmic Microsurgical Skills (including basic phacoemulsification)

You can also access Ophthalmopaedia, an online encyclopaedia written by ophthalmologists and with editorial oversight from The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

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Key Features

Covers key ophthalmology topics: laser treatments, refraction testing, microsurgical skills and phacoemulsification – Delivers high-quality, interactive content and the 'Ophthalmopaedia' – Includes an e-library and a teacher’s resource archive


Medical students, nurses, assistants, ophthalmologists and qualified staff




12 months full access to complete the course