e-Dementia: e-Learning to Recognise, Assess and Manage Dementia
Online course in Dementia

Online medical course designed to help health and social care workers recognise, understand, assess and manage Dementia.

e-Dementia online medical course equips health and social care professionals with the knowledge and skills to recognise, understand and manage the condition – helping to ensure high-quality patient care.

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Drawing on the latest global research and best practice in this field, the programme has been developed by dementia researchers from the University of Bradford, which was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize 2015 for work in this field. e-Dementia is regularly updated to reflect policy updates and best practice.


Helping Healthcare Staff to deliver High-Quality Dementia Care

The e-learning sessions covers a wide variety of themes, such as understanding dementia, diagnosis, caring for people with the condition and legal issues. Interactive features, such as images, case studies, self-assessment questions and video clips, help learners to understand the complex challenges faced by people with dementia, their families and carers.

High-quality dementia training online

During the programme, you will look in particular at the psychological and emotional impact of dementia. You will also examine the importance of providing person-centred care that reflects the needs of the individual.

Topics covered include:

  • understanding dementia
  • supporting people to live well with the condition
  • communicating with people affected by dementia
  • supporting families
  • end-of-life care

The learning content includes video interviews that feature people living with dementia and their families talking about their experiences. Interactive exercises give you the chance to reflect on your learning and consider the role you can play in improving care.

Course Content:

The e-Dementia programme is arranged into two modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Person-centred Dementia Care

Module 1 is aimed at raising greater awareness about dementia for all people working in the health and social care sectors – including non-clinical staff. This could prove particularly useful for induction training or as a basis for more advanced training.

  • Understanding Dementia
  • Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia
  • Challenging Stigma, Myths and Stereotypes

Module 2: Providing Person-centred Dementia Care

Module 2 is aimed at people who have daily contact with people affected by dementia. This includes nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and allied health professionals.

  • Assessment and Diagnosis for People Affected by Dementia
  • Assessment and Care Planning for People Affected by Dementia
  • Communication with People Living with Dementia
  • Supporting Families of People with Dementia
  • Multi-professional and Collaborative Working to Support People Affected by Dementia
  • Ethical and Legal Frameworks Guiding Care for People Affected by Dementia
  • Care for People with Dementia who have Co-existing Health Conditions
  • End of Life Care for People with Dementia
  • Diversity and Dementia

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Key Features

Covers all aspects of dementia care and management :: Features images, case studies, videos and questions :: Written by leading subject-matter experts in both psychiatry and medicine for the elderly


Medical students, counsellors, doctors, nurses, assistants, health care workers, social workers, therapists and other clinicians




12 months full access to complete the course